2022 Jeep Cherokee vs. 2022 Ford Bronco

The Jeep Cherokee is a legendary staple in the SUV market here in Canada, and has been unmistakeable on the street for over 20 years. The newcomer to the outdoor adventure SUV market is the 2022 Ford Bronco, determined to dethrone the Jeep brand as the number one off-road SUV in the country. See how our team at Devon Chrysler compare’s the classic against the newcomer, and helps you make an informed decision about which model is best suited for life and adventures here in Alberta.

Design & Features

Jeep Cherokee Design

The design that needs no introduction, the iconic Jeep Cherokee combines bold athletic curves, with rugged styling you’d come to expect from an SUV built for the Prairies. Ready to take on any road less travelled, the Cherokee features the Jeep classic 7-slot grille to compliment its rugged body,


as well as a meticulously-crafted interior for maximum comfort. For those looking for even more, the special appearance packages on the TrailHawk, High Altitude and 80th Anniversary Edition trim levels take the experience of the Cherokee up to the next level.


Ford Bronco Design

The 2021 Ford Bronco offers a unique design that certainly draws attention on the road thanks to its brand-new grille and headlight layout. The Bronco offers similar cargo space and passenger room compared to the Cherokee, but lacks the level of interior comfort in seat quality, and accessories to truly make it a match for Jeep off-roading. The lack of an underbody skid plate on the Bronco Sport Badlands severely limits its ability to compete with the Cherokee Trailhawk in off-road settings.

Fuel Economy Specifications

Vehicle City Highway Combined
2021 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk 12.9L /100km 9.7L/100km 11.5L/100km
2021 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands 11.1L/100km 8.9L /100km 8.5L/100km


While the Bronco is certainly a serviceable off-road crossover, when it comes to true capability it’s completely outshined by the Jeep Cherokee. The Cherokee Trailhawk offers drivers better performance and power in all conditions, thanks to the 3.2L Pentastar V6 engine. The Cherokee also offers a dedicated 2-speed transfer case with low-range functionality in order to crawl over obstacles without struggle, a feature the Bronco is lacking.



Performance Specifications


Vehicle Engine Torque Horsepower Transmission
2021 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk 3.2L Pentastar V6 239lb-ft 271 9-speed automatic
2021 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands 2.0L 4-cylinder Turbocharged 277lb-ft 250 8-speed automatic




Technology & Safety

Both SUVs stay neck and neck with each other in the technology and safety category. There is no shortage of advanced safety features on either the Jeep Cherokee or Ford Bronco. The Cherokee takes the slight edge in features out of the gate, however the majority of all safety and technology features are available on various model trim options through each lineup.

Vehicle Park Assist Blind Spot Monitoring Brake stability control Backup Camera Remote Start Heated Seats & Steering Wheel
2021 Jeep Cherokee Altitude Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
2021 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Available


The 2022 Jeep Cherokee is undoubtedly the superior SUV designed to thrive on both pavement and off-road conditions, thanks to its strengths in performance and features. Even with the slightly higher fuel efficiency, the Cherokee gets you more value for your dollar in terms of overall SUV capability, perfect for your lifestyle here in Alberta, on-road and off-road.


To learn more about the 2022 Cherokee, the rest of the Jeep model lineup, or any of FCA’s other impressive brands from Chrysler, Dodge and RAM, trust the folks at Devon Chrysler to lend a hand. Our team of professionals is here to help you along your automotive journey here in Alberta, and if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, or just need some solid service from trained technicians, we have your back. Contact us and get started with your test drive, or appointment, today.