2023 Jeep Cherokee Top Safety Features

The 2023 Jeep Cherokee is a compact crossover SUV that’s known for its off-road capability and powerful range of available engine options. Not only can this vehicle handle tough off-road trails while comfortably accommodating up to five passengers, it’s also filled with all of the modern technology and driver assistance features that consumers have come to expect from new vehicles. Continue reading below as our team at Devon Chrysler has highlighted the top safety features of the 2023 Jeep Cherokee.   

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Jeep Cherokee Safety Features 

ParkView® Rear Back-Up Camera

A standard feature on all 2023 Jeep Cherokee models, the ParkView® Rear Back-Up Camera allows drivers to reverse confidently. A live digital feed of the vehicle’s rear is displayed on the standard 8.4-inch multimedia touchscreen display once the vehicle is put in the reverse gear.

Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist  

The Jeep Cherokee’s Lane Departure Warning system uses cameras mounted on the front of the vehicle that detects the lane markers on the road ahead. If the driver veers away from their current lane without using the turn signals, the vehicle will automatically turn the vehicle’s steering wheel to bring the vehicle back into the centre of the lane. 

Forward Collision Warning with Active Brake 

Working in tandem with the Lane Departure Warning System, the Jeep Cherokee’s Forward Collision Warning system uses front-mounted radars to detect how far a vehicle or other object is from the vehicle. The system alerts driver’s if they’re getting too close to the vehicle ahead of them and automatically engages the brakes, if necessary to avoid a front end collision. 

Adaptive Cruise Control

Enjoy a comfortable driving experience during extended highway trips with the Jeep Cherokee’s available Adaptive Cruise Control system. Similar to the Forward Collision Warning system, front mounted radars detect the distance between you and the vehicle ahead and maintains a desired speed and distance.

Blind Spot Monitoring System

Working in tandem with the Cherokees’ Lane Departure Warning system, the Blind Spot Monitoring system uses rear mounted radars to detect if another vehicle is in your blindspot. A yellow light located on the Cherokee’s side mirrors light up if a vehicle is detected.

Parallel and Perpendicular Park Assist 

Available on select 2023 Jeep Cherokee models, Parallel and Perpendicular Park Assist uses sensors around the vehicle to find an appropriate size parking space, and assists drivers in difficult parking situations. The system does most of the work and all you need to do is follow the gear shift, braking and accelerating prompts the vehicle gives you.

Park-Sense® Rear Park Assist

Using four radar sensors mounted on the vehicle’s rear fascia, the Jeep Cherokee’s Park-Sense® Rear Park Assist system detects obstacles behind the vehicle and uses audible and visual alerts to alert you if you get too close.

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